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Lán Dì Press is a publishing house specialised in Acupuncture books. In our present times there are many books about acupuncture available, based on modern acupuncture, known as TCM. Lán Dì Press specialises and focuses on authentic or classical acupuncture, the CCM (Classical Chinese Medicine).

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Acupuncture School

Abroad there are some courses where classical acupuncture is taught as basic training. Peter van Kervel is, as a teacher, founder or organizer, involved in the following foreign programs.
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Lán Dì Press works together with the following schools:

Acupunctuur Opleiding Nederland

Acupuncture College England

Acupuncture College Svenska

Acupuncture College Suomi

Acupuncture University Israel

 Acupuncture University Russia


Eight Extra Ordinary Channel System
In different places of the Nàn Jīng, the channels of the 奇 經 八 脈, qí jīng bā mài are described... Read more PDF

Jīng Bié | 經 別 | Divergent Channels
The 經 別, jīng bié channel system, is described in chapter 11 of the Nèi Jīng Líng Shū. The divergent channel system, or jīng bié, is connected... Read more PDF

Pi | Spleen-pancreas
Before going into details about pulse diagnosis and pi, the translation of pi into spleen has to be explained... Read more PDF

Xié qì – Evil qì
It is known that, a long time ago, a virus invaded the female body, and penetrated into a cell. The cell and the... Read more PDF

Xin - Heart
Each patient will present the acupuncturist with a complex set of symptoms or a western diagnosis... Read more PDF

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