Returns and Service

If you have ordered products from the web shop, and they do not fulfil your expectation, feel free to return the products. We are doing our utmost to inform you about presented products. Nevertheless, if the product is not conform to your expectation it can be returned. Your payment will be refunded, not including the costs for returning to sender. There are some conditions to return a product:


Conditions of Return

  • You have to announce your return shipment, by sending an email to Please be so kind to mention the products you want to return. Subsequently, you will receive an email concerning the procedure to follow, in the case of packing the product and way of returning.
  • We only accept returning products if they are announced up front and sent according the given instructions. The products, which are announced for return, have to be sent directly, at the most 14 day days after reception by customer, and should be received within this term at the address of delivery.
  • Returns which are not received within the above mentioned term, will not be accepted.
  • The product has to be returned in the original wrapping and may not be damaged.


What will do if the requirements of returning are not fulfilled?

  • If the returned product does not have the correct postage, we are entitled to charge the costs to the customer. This will include cost of administration of € 4,95 and the postage charged by the mail company (from € 24,30 – Europe; € 26,80 - World). This indicates that the cost will be € 29,25 (€ 31,75), dependable on the penalty of the mail company. The costs will be withdrawn from the return payment to the customer.
  • Returns offered by mail, beyond the estimated term (post mark is binding), will not be credited to the customer and will be automatically the property of Will there be circumstances that could cause a delay, contact our customer service immediately (


Return by Shipper

Place the correct address in conformity with the given instructions by email, and offer the return product as soon as possible at the post office. At delivery at the post office, a proof of sending will received, and one should keep this evidence until the returned product is received by us.


Handling of Returns

If the returned product is correctly received, a refund will be transferred to your bank account. Refund will be fulfilled within 30 days.


Right to Retract

You, as a customer, have the right, in conformity with article 6 until 8 of the General Conditions, to retract your order within 14 days after delivery. You have to announce the return of product by email to as mentioned above.  Click here for Terms and Conditions.


Complaints concerning the product or way of delivery

To set a complaint, another procedure has to be followed. We kindly request you to announce the complaint as soon as possible to us. This can be done by sending an email to:

We will, in correspondence with you, try to solve the complaint as soon as possible. When you announce your complaint by email, we kindly request you to include your phone number, so we can contact you directly.