Acupuncture Celestial Stems & Terrestrial Branches


Subtitle: Wu Yun Liu Qi
The Philosophy and Physiology of Acupuncture

First Publication 2012

Revised edition 2017

Author: Peter van Kervel

Language: English



Although there are many who practice acupuncture, just a few practitioners in the world use this ancient knowledge in the clinic. This is partly because of the limited resources available, which explain in a clear way this once hidden knowledge, traditionally passed on through oral teachings and hands-on clinical experience.
The doctrine of the so-called stems & branches acupuncture is an obscure knowledge within the realm of acupuncture. The philosophical background, on which acupuncture is based, has remained hidden and obscure for many decades. This system of acupuncture basis it’s knowledge on ancient books, such as the Nèi Jīng, Nán Jīng and Jiă Yĭ Jīng.

The current and up to date system has been developed so as to incorporate this ancient knowledge, the knowledge of correcting physiological and energetic imbalances of the organs (zàng and fŭ) on a individual based way, making it possible to reverse pathological conditions as well as to prevent these from re-ocurring. In clinical practice of many of his students and himself, they encounter daily the power of acupuncture to cure many pathologies such as auto-immune diseases, neurological and digestive disorders, to name a mere few.
This book reveals, in a didactic order, the secrets of acupuncture, to be used in clinic. Acupuncture does not simply mean to puncture a particular point which has an action on a symptom, rather, it is the art of correcting underlying individual imbalances of qi, which have to be diagnosed and treated, step by step in a coherent strategical and conscious way, thus inviting the body to cure itself. The treatment itself should be tailor made to each individual, taking into account the personal constitution, as well as the universal qi available at the moment of treatment.
The aim of this book is to bring clarity to a once secret knowledge, in a didactic coherent fashion, for the benefit of acupuncture practitioners and their patients. But above all, to merge this ancient knowledge of acupuncture with the modern western medical science. All of this will be revealed in this book, which you are holding in your hand, and other books published by Lán Dì Press.

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